Tuna catching is conducted in international waters of Mediterranean Sea between May 25th and June 25th.

The tuna fish that are caught by our catching boats are transferred from our reinforcement boats to the cages in transmission boat by divers. The tuna cages which are hooked to the back side of transmission boats are brought to our farm in İzmir with a pulling speed of 1 mile per hour.

There are 8 cages which have diameter of 50m and depth of 25m in the province of Karaburun Toprakada, İzmir with a datum plane of 76.000 square meters which is loaned by Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. The capacity of our farm is 1,000 tonnes.

The tuna fish that are brought by the transmission boat are fed from the beginning of July until harvesting with chub mackerels, mackerels, herrings and sardines.



The tuna fish that are fed for 6-7 months are harvested, delivered to Japanese boats as fresh and whole, and then processed herein.

Also, the harvested tuna fish are packed in our own boat and processed either in here as fresh and cooled, or in our processing factory in Antalya as fresh, cooled, and frozen, and then exported to many countries in the world, including Japan.

Because of its high quality, our tuna fish has taken an strong and important place in the world market in a short amount of time.

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